If I am an employer or representative of a company that is interested in cwp's services, how do I get started?

Start by reaching out to us by phone or email.  We can get your company setup right away if you have an urgent need to fill, or, if you simply want to explore what CWP has to offer to your company and get a full proposal, we are happy to do that.  We generally get started with an introductory meeting in person or by phone to understand your company’s needs and help identify any gaps in current protocols.  We like to visit our clients facilities to better understand the work environment and equipment in use to help customize testing to your specific needs and to identify mechanisms of injury and make recommendations for injury reduction where possible.

How are services billed?

Occupational health services authorized by the employer are billed directly to the employer according to their established preferences.  Express Care Services and Ideal Protein Program fees are payable at the time of the visit by cash, credit, or check.

How do I know if my injury can be treated at cwp?

If your injury is non-life threatening or non-limb threatening, you can be treated at CWP.  Our providers have several years of emergency room, acute care, and occupational health experience and are capable of handling a full spectrum of injuries.  Still not sure?  Just give us a call before you head over and we’ll be happy to confirm.

I need routine bloodwork done, can cwp do that?

Yes!  You can bring in an order from your primary care physician and we can perform the necessary bloodwork.  Results are generally available in 1-2 days depending on the specific tests performed.  No order from your physician?  Our medical provider can do a routine exam and go over your concerns, determine the appropriate tests, and complete the blood work in one simple visit.

Do you offer CPR classes?

We offer BLS and ACLS courses throughout the year at our Libertyville location, or we can take the show on the road and come to you.  For upcoming classes, visit the classes button on our homepage or follow us on Facebook for updates.  If you would like to request a class on location, call or email us with your request.

Does ideal protein weight loss actually work?

The obvious answer is yes, or we wouldn’t offer it.  At CWP we believe strongly in our mission to improve the health of our community through awareness, lifestyle management, and prevention, and the Ideal Protein program is a direct result of that commitment.  The program was designed by medical professionals and is proven to be a safe and effective weight loss program — and perhaps more importantly — a long term lifestyle program.  While weight loss may be the initial goal, being able to maintain your healthy weight is important for long term success.  We give you the education to live a healthy lifestyle for the long term so you can kiss diets goodbye.


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